Pele Genuína

Cinderela Shoes footwear are produced manually with genuine leather of the best quality resulting in longer durability, comfort and higiene.


» Longer durability - Leather footwear has great resistance and lasts for many years, before becoming damaged you will get tired of them!

» Comfort - Leather has  the advantage of being malleable, moulding and adapting to the foot resulting in greater comfort.

» Innersole and interior - Comfortable innersole and interior, produced with leather, soft and light to the touch, very resistant to friction and non- slippery. Your feet don't slip in these shoes!

» Higiene - Leather being a natural material breathes permitting absorption and evaporation of transpiration, maintains feet at a constant temperature and regulates humidity reducing proliferation of bacteria and fungi which cause diseases and unpleasant odours.

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