Advantages of using leather footwear

Feet are extremely important for our body, they support us, give us mobility and provide independence. Choosing leather footwear  is choosing comfort which is fundamental for the health of our feet and consequently for health in general.

Choosing leather footwear will guarantee you:


Leather footwear has great resistance and will last many years, with the correct caring and occasional repair (such as replacement of caps). They will maintain their new look with the advantage that the more you use them the more they will mould to your feet becoming more comfortable. This quality makes them more "economic" in the end. Despite the initial high investment of leather shoes, it eventually gets diluted during the years and become a very valuable and economic buy.

They are timeless, never out of fashion, are synonymous of good taste, elegance and charisma.


Leather has the great advantage of being malleable, moulding and adapting to your feet providing great comfort. Perfect combination would be to also have a leather inner soles which will stop your feet from slipping inside the shoes making them safe and reliable.


Did you know that leather breathes?! Allows air to circulate permitting absorption and evaporation of transpiration, maintain feet at constant temperature and regulate humidity, reducing proliferation of bacteria and fungi which cause diseases and unpleasant odours.