Make your Cinderella happy!

Care for someone special, surprise them with a Cinderela present!

We send it wherever and whenever you want, to arrive at the destination at the right time, wrapped up beautifully and with your inscription.

You have various options, choose yours and make someone happy!


Do you know exactly what you want to buy

If you know what you want to give and you know what size the person wears, make your choice and then go to Checkout.

At Checkout (at the bottom on the left side) you will find the following field in Additional Information:

"Is this article a gift? Send us your e-mail so we can arrange the details."

We will contact you so you can  supply us with all the information necessary for delivery. Destination, day of delivery, and what inscription to send.


You know what you want but you don't know what size Cinderela wears!

The ideal present for you to give is Gift Cheque Article.

Choose the article you want to give, choose any size, make the buy and we will send the cheque via e-mail directly to the lucky person that is going to receive the present or to you, so that you can print it or resend. The delivery of the cheque can also be presented personally following your indications.

You don't know what to buy.

It is not easy to choose something to give to someone, give a Fixed Value Gift Cheque or Variable Value Gift Cheque.


Determine a value from 20€.

Add various values to make up the value you want.

CLICK to buy.


Let the princess choose what to buy. Give a blank cheque, she chooses and we will charge you!

You can fix a limit.


Exchanges and Returns

We accept exchanges/returns in the next 14 days.

Gifts are not subject to refundable returns, we can credit the value to your account for use at a later time.


All Gift Cheques can be delivered via e-mail ou by post.

Can be delivered to the buyer or to the gifted person.

In any of the modalities we will always take into account the specific date in which the delivery must take place.

If you have received a Gift Cheque

If you have received a Gift Cheque Article:

- Enter the shop online, make the buy and place the cheque code in the area "Discount Code" in "Shopping Cart" or "Checkout".

- Or contact us , give us the number of your cheque , what size, what colour you want and we will place your order.

If you have received a Gift Cheque Fixed Value:

- Enter the shop online and choose an article.

- make the buy and place the cheque code in the area "Discount Code" in "Shopping Cart" or "Checkout".

- If the value of the cheque is inferior to the value to buy you can pay the difference in one of the available ways above.

If you received a Gift Cheque Variable Value:

- Enter the shop online and choose an article.

- When article is in "Shopping Chart" contact us so we can issue the code with the value of the discount.