Cinderella Shoes Shipping



Orders above 50 €

Free shipping

Portugal - Delivery in 24 hours (working days) until 7 pm

Spain - Deliveries in 48 hours

Orders under 50 €

Are subject to fixed charges of 7€.

Portugal - Deliveries in 24 hours (working days until 7 pm

Spain . Deliveries in 48 hours up to 2 kg


Normal deliveryDelivery time:
Up to 5 working days

Delivery charges:
10 € up to 2 kg
Delivery time:
Up to 5 working days

Delivery charges:
10 € up to 2 kg

24 hour expresso deliveryDelivery time:
1 working day

Delivery charges:
22 € up to 2 kg
Delivery time:
1 working day

Delivery charges:
22 € up to 2 kg


Delivery time:3-5 working days

Delivery charges:22 € up to 2 kg


Delivery time: 7-15 working days

Delivery charges:28 € up to 2 kg

ATTENTION: These orders can be subject to custom charges at the destination.

 General Conditions

You will receive your order according to the type of shipment chosen.

If payment is made by bank transfer the order will only be sent after confirmation of the amount in the account.

After delivery of the order to the carrier a email will be sent with the necessary information so you can follow the route online on the site of the CTT. Click to track order

The order will be sent to any address you indicate to us.

When you receive the order check that it is in perfect conditions. If you detect any abnormality open the package in the presence of the carrier to check the integrity of the product. Don't accept the order in case of damage which is confirmed  caused by the bad condition of the package.

Cinderela Shoes shall not be liable for loss or damage incurred during transportation.

We are not responsible for any delays in delivery of the order.

In case there is no one at the delivery address when the order is delivered, a CTT postcard will be left at the address so that you can pick up the order at the CTT post office in the area.

The customer will be charged the amount of shipping charges related to returns to the sender due to wrong address or failure to pick up the order after attempted delivery.

Merchandise Insurance

Basic insurance included in the transport values with coverage of 10€/kg

If you want additional insurance the value will be for Portugal and Spain 0.50 € with coverage up to 1.000,00€.

For other countries please contact us.

Missing or lost merchandise

You should track your order through the CTT order tracking service on the website- track order

If the order is not delivered within the time frame and if the website does not get the necessary information you should contact the CTT in the area of the delivery address.