Caring for your leather shoes

Leather footwear is not cheap and therefore we must care for them so that they are preserved in the best conditions and for many years.


When taking your shoes off, let them air before putting them away.

Make an effort, we know it is annoying, but ideally the footwear should be cleaned after use.

Special care when cleaning the inside of the shoe. Use a cloth humidified in warm water (well squeezed) to clean the inside of the shoe and then let it dry naturally. At the end you can use an appropriate spray to disinfect and/or desodorize.

The cleaning of the sole of the footwear is equally important. The sole accumulate all the "rubbish" that you stepped on, outside. Clean with a brush and wet cloth.

You should not put on the same shoes two days in a row, give them a rest! Footwear should have time to breathe. Dry the transpiration absorbed by the shoe during the day. If shoes are kept humid, bacteria will develop causing odours and worse, the development of fungi and consequently diseases like the undesired mycoses.

Avoid marks on the leather and  deformation of footwear. If you are not going to wear the shoes in the near future insert something in the shoe to keep their format. Can be paper or newspaper. These are also fantastic to absorb humidity. This practise is also advised for daily use.

Use boxes to organise and store your shoes.

If they are stored randomly, they will became deformed and with markings on the leather.

To clean the exterior and because all footwear need different caring, check the tips on how to clean the type of material of footwear.



Use ointments or polishes preferably for cleaning and maintaining this type of material.

As an option to remove difficult dirt, clean with a slightly damp cloth and as a last resource use a soft cloth or soft brush with a bit of neutral soap. This procedure should be avoided because it might stain the leather. Test the procedure on a less visible area.

Let humidity dry naturally, for inside you can use newspaper, they are good to absorb humidity.

When dry you can apply a hydrating ointment or polish.


This type of leather requires more caring. Bad cleaning might damage the skin texture.

For protection against  spots and splashes of water you should use a proper impermeable spray.

Don't use water for cleaning this type of material.

Any spot should be cleaned immediately to prevent permanent damage.

To clean, use a proper bristle brush and, brush the footwear in the opposite direction of the hair to eliminate dust and dirt.

At the end, pass the brush in the direction of the hair to leave it in the initial position.

Commercially there are various types of sprays for maintaining this material.

Lacquered leathers:

Use a soft cloth or flannel. Other more aggressive cloths can damage the lacquer.


Check the pictograms that accompany the footwear. They identify what materials make up the footwear.

For any additional information we are available to clarify it, contact us!