Payment methods

All prices indicated in the site have IVA included at the applied legal rate


You have at your disposal several payment methods, all of them you can make with total security, choose the one that suits you best.


Transferências e Depósitos

If you have Home-banking, this is probably the most practical way to make payments. You can also do a bank transfer at an ATM or make a deposit in Millennium Bank.

NAME: Details - Maria Teresa Ferreira Henriques

IBAN: PT50 0033 0000 4550 4757 5650 5

OBS: If you don't have a way to scan or photograph the document, speak to us beforehand and we will have a solution for you.


À Cobrança

If you are not comfortable paying for the product before receiving it this is the best way for you.

Only when the carrier makes the delivery you pay in money or ATM. This form of payment implies a payment of a charge of 3 €.


Pagamentos VISA e Multibanco com a EasyPay

EasyPay is the Managing Entity for payment data.Cinderela Shoes does not have access to any card data. All payments made by VISA ou ATM are done through EasyPay.


ATM Reference

A reference iIs generated so you can make the payment at an ATM or via Home-banking-

VISA - Master Card - American Express

To use your credit card to make payments for your purchases all you need is a number, expiring date and security code.

Crie uma conta PayPal

To make payments using PayPal you will have to register in the site and associate your account or card that you will be using to proceed with payments-


Use the amount in your account to make the payment. Just need to send us an e-mail or speak to us via Chat to tell us what value to use and if there is a difference to pay tell us in what way you want to pay it.


The payments by VISA, ATM or PayPal are made by PayPal and EasyPay entities, managers of payment data. Your card data are not revealed to our shop and therefore not saved nor maintained in our Data Base.

Cinderela Shoes site has SSL certificate ( Secure Sockets Layer), this certificate serves to protect and encrypt confidential information, such as credit cards, user names, passwords and other sensitive data  sent by Internet. Site pages protected with SSL are identified with protocol HTTPS.

Any doubts or questions we are available to clarify, contact us!