The ideal shoe for small feet.

We princesses know how difficult and exhausting the task of buying footwear is. Just because we need them for a specific occasion or simply for pleasure, finding any type of footwear for us is practically impossible, unless we call upon that old solution of the children section at the shoe store!

Now that that problem has a solution (Cinderela Shoes),you should know what type of footwear we should use to accentuate our attributes, yes because despite the tortures that torment us, in fact our little feet are beautiful and graceful and we must know how to take advantage of that fact.

We also know that together with small feet there is usually the short stature and the right footwear can add a few inches more!

Lets see the tips:

1st Be proud of yourself.

It is the most important of the tips I can give you, pride influences everything, makes us feel good about ourselves, increases self-esteem, we are happier and this is reflected from within , when they look at us they see a fulfilled, happy , confident and sensual woman.

2nd Say NO to children footwear.

Remember tip nº 1??? For there is no pride in being able to bloom after wearing some little girl sandals with little Calçado criança? NÃOflowers and butterflies!

Just the fear of meeting a 10 year old with a pair of sandals like ours !!! And imagine the brat with finger pointing and screaming  "muuuum, that little lady has sandals just like mine." Real nightmare! Not to mention shopping in the kids section, always frustrating, with the sidelong glances of other customers and employees who seem to be looking at something unusual!

Get rid of these humiliating situations that we know so well.

3rd Abuse of platforms, compensated footwear or meia pata.

In addition to providing greater comfort, this type of footwear conjugated with heel or wedge gives us Compensadosthe height and although we do not usually need it, the truth is that with certain clothes we look better with a few centimeters more.

Do not be afraid of "falling" it's all a matter of habit! Start with lower platforms and you'll quickly be able to venture on higher ones (no fear)!

4th Scarpins with pointed toe

Any kind of footwear with pointed toe do miracles to your Scarpins biqueira finasilhouette.

In addition to being pointed they can be long which makes your feet appear bigger.

Pointed Scarpins are stylish and look great on any occasion, formal or casual.

5th We look beautiful in Mary Jane.

I have no doubt, of course that this is my opinion! But we look really good with Mary Jane, they give us a sensualMary Jane and at the same time naughty look!

Of course I mean Mary Jane with heels, higher or a little lower depending on taste and occasions.

As a complement, the straps provide extra safety as they secure the shoes to the feet.

Avoid very wide straps, they will make the feet smaller.

6th Use open footwear

It's true! Because we have small feet the closer the footwear is, the smaller the feet will look.Calçado aberto

We should wear open shoes when possible, preferably with narrow straps, with many straps heels. High-heeled sandals with straps do wonders to our Cinderela feet.

For different styles sandals with straps allow us to abuse with colors, patterns and glitter. Because they have little material they look wonderful without being exaggerated.

Now just enjoy and make the most of your attributes!