How should I measure my foot and choose the correct size? 

The shoe size varies depending on the brand or model. For this reason and to minimise errors all our models have in addition to the size number, the size in centimetres.

Follow the indications on how to measure your foot correctly and choose shoes by the size in centimetres.

Qual o tamanho correcto?

Qual o tamanho correcto?


If your feet are wider than normal, have bunions or any other unique feature, measure the width and length of the foot and contact us so that we can confirm that the model
you chose is alright for you or suggest an alternative.
Do not worry, there is always solution!

Check our Tips page, we have an article about Selection of Ideal Shoes which could help with additional information.

If the size you chose does not fit you can exchange or return them. Consult exchanges and returns.

(Click on the pink links to consult)

* See Size Conversion Chart

* Read also, Selection of Ideal Shoes

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