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For special customers a special care! 

Because there are customers which are different we decided to present them with a Cinderela Prestige Customer Card.

Exclusive card offered to special customers.

One customer will be selected every month.

Selection Criteria

The customer selection for receiving the monthly Cinderela prestige card is done taking into consideration the following factors:

   Assiduity - The customer visits the site regularly;             Participation - Participates, comments, gives opinions        and suggestions in the site and Facebook;
   Disclosure - Discloses our products in social networks      and blogs;
   Recommendations - Recommends Cinderela Shoes to      other people.

The selected customer will be published on our site and social networks.


The customer card account is revised every six months to check if selection criteria is maintained.

The value of discounts won in purchases or with friends will only be placed in your account after 15 days from the date of the reception of the purchase.


How can I have a Cinderela PRESTIGE card?

The card is exclusive for special customers and the only way to obtain it is by being one of the selected customers.

What are the advantages of having this card?

  • It's an exclusive customer card which differentiates you from other customers.
  • Gives you 10% on all purchases (The value of the discount can go to your savings account and can be used on you next purchase or it can accumulate).
  • Exclusive promotions.
  • Friends which are recommended by you and purchase our shoes give you 5% of the purchase value which will go to your savings account.
  • Special promotions.
  • Information by e-mail on new arrivals and the right to a pre-reservation.
  • Gift/Present on you birthday.
  • The value of discounts can be accumulated, unless there is an exception which will be promptly communicated.

What can I do so I don't lose the right to have a card?

To maintain the card you must: 

  • Visit the site regularly.
  • Participate and give an opinion in the site or Facebook about the purchased shoes, the service provided and the site in general;
  • Share photos and moments using your Cinderela shoes.
  • Recommend the site and products to your friends.

Why does the value of discounts only go to my account 15 days after purchase?

The exchanges and returns deadline is 14 days. Before that deadline we don't have guarantees that the product will not be returned. If the product is returned the discount value will not be given.

For any additional questions Cinderela is available via e-mail, Chat, Skype, WhatsApp or social networks.

Cliente Prestige