Cinderellas Club


Because we all have something in common and we share something special, it would be interesting and fun to also share moments.

The Cinderela Club proposes to organize activities so that all of us can participate, amongst these an annual dinner that aims to gather all the princesses of Portugal and surrounding areas, yes, because there are more Cinderelas scattered around the world! 

You are going to say that I am being ambitious, maybe you are right, but if I have learned something, it is that with time, dedication, perseverance and a lot of patience there is nothing that is not done in this life.

Prepare yourselves Cinderelas, together we are going to make a position!


How can I be part of Cinderela Club?

The only request is to wear up to a size 35, send us a e-mail to geral@cinderela-shoes,com requiring registration in the club or register in the customer area.

Whoever makes a buy in Cinderela Shoes becomes automatically part of Cinderela Club.

Do I have to make a buy to be part of the Club?

Not necessary to be a customer or make a buy. If your shoe size is up to a 35 you have an acquired right!

Do I have to pay registration fees? Is there a monthly charge to be part of Cinderela Club?

You don't have to pay anything to be part of Cinderela Club. There will be expenses in the participation of activities and dinners. The calendar will be shared in advance and whoever wants to participate will pay the value when making the reservation.

Are there advantages in being a member of Cinderela Club?

Yes there will be exclusive promotions and discounts for members.

We are available to answer any questions you may want to ask.

Bem vindas Cinderelas!