women's shoe styles
All types of Ladies Footwear

Can you imagine the quantity of types of ladies footwear being commercialised??????

Because there are so many types they cause confusion, we find so much contradictory information via blogs and sites which led me to an intensive search in order to "unshuffle" my brain and provide credible information, I hope!

Basically it is a classic model closed in front and at the back, with exposed instep, thin toecap, square or rounded. The heel must be between 4 and 10 cm, no less and no more or it will have another name.
The one we all dream of, but not all of us can wear! The needle heel above 10 cm makes it the most elegant and desired model.
Model created, as the name indicates by Coco Chanel, is closed at the front, has thin toecap and is open at the back, tightens with strap round the ankle.
This model is distinguished by the clasp over the instep, the type of girl's shoes that are still used today and probably also used when we were children.
Kind of clog but in an elegant version. Fully opened at the back, front closed and thin toecap. High and thin heel.
Model closed in front with round toecap, it is open at the back and has no heel.

The platform footwear can be sandal or shoe type, it is combined with all kinds of heels, wedges or needle heels, can be open or closed on the front or back. It is differentiated by the platform that can be high or low and that provides height in front of the footwear.
Footwear with front platform.
They are identical to the Scarpin the difference being an exposed frontal platform that provides more height. The pump differs from the Scarpin because it has an exposed and visible platform. With the aim of compensation with regard to heels which are always high.