This thing about having small feet!!!

I'm going to start this blog by talking about what tormented me the most in the past, shoes!

Size 32 and small size adult shoes were JUST impossible to find.

To begin with, it was already depressing to think that I needed to buy shoes, where to go, the unfounded hope of getting some size that would miraculously fit, the terror of knowing that in the end I would even have to go to the children's section.

My days always started with this reality, I chose what to wear but unlike women who wear "normal" sizes I couldn't match the styles and colors of the shoes with the clothes, normally I stuck to sneakers and if in my youth this it made me sad, in recent years I didn't even think much about the fact that I was wearing black sneakers with dark blue clothes or a more formal dress with children's sandals. But not thinking too much doesn't mean that inside I wasn't tormented and there were days when my self-esteem was completely shaken.

Ceremonies, galas or the like, yet another nightmare! I could wear an evening dress and sandals

Children's Section no

of children .... or tennis! Weddings, New Year's Eve, work meetings ..... There were so many occasions that left me frustrated and irritated because NO ONE in the footwear industry thought about people the way I did.

Then we have the question of less proper feelings that, in short, are not worthy of a lady!!!

  • Envy - My friends have it and I don't, everyone has it and I have nothing! They are produced, beautiful, high heels to match and I .... I watch!
  • Anger - For the people who, between giggles, sent me to the children's section without any awareness of what this was doing to my self-esteem.
  • Complexes - Inevitably some complexes were part of it, footwear restricts the way we dress and ended up comparing me to other more feminine and modern women. Then, the friends who, under certain circumstances, felt like wearing high heels or even worse, platforms and I, who normally already looked at them from below, still felt smaller and diminutive.

But let us be creative! Good or bad, I was wearing them with all the restrictions inherent to my little Cinderella feet!

The years passed, my search for shoes in my size continued and after a few online orders that led to more disappointments I decided that I would have to do something, I was never one to wait for things to happen and this situation was already dragging on too long ago, I certainly wouldn't be the only one to suffer from this problem, there would be women out there going through the same restrictions and that's how Cinderela Shoes was born!

Today, with my wardrobe much more composed, I can wear my 32 foot with modern and elegant models to match all styles and colors and I am certainly a more feminine, happy and fulfilled woman.

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I'm going to start this blog by talking about what tormented me the most in the past, shoes! Size 32 and small size adult shoes were JUST impossible to find.

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